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The Dealer Advantage

Buying a used car from an Ontario licensed dealer assures you of legal protections and ethical treatment. Dealers must ensure there are no liens or claims against the vehicles they sell and that the vehicles are not stolen.

Since Jan 1, 2010 new legislation has created even more safeguards to ensure consumers in Ontario are protected when they purchase from dealers licensed by the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC). OMVIC maintains a compensation fund may provide compensation to if a purchase becomes problematic and the selling dealer will not correct the problem(s).

Dealers must disclose to buyers:

-  If a vehicle has been used as a taxi, Police or emergency vehicle, or if the last owners used it as a daily rental.

-  Any collision repairs over $3,000 and if any two or more adjacent panels have been repaired.

-  Incorrect mileage information.

-  Any relevant information that would affect a consumer's decision to purchase.

If you discover they have failed to do any of these correctly within 90 days of purchase you are likely eligible for a full refund.

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Below is an interesting story form a person who purchased a car privately. When not dealing with a licensed dealer, you can be surprised. These columns are reprinted from the Waterloo Region Record August 13 and August 20, 2010, with permission.